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Our Mission

  • Our goal is to provide representative programming online, that reflects different cultural and social experiences across all demographics, whilst teaching employable skills to young people across the London boroughs.

  • Our charitable aims are to provide support & employment training to young, disadvantaged people from across the London community, supporting them to turn their lives around for personal and public benefit.

  • We aim to raise awareness and address some of the social and economic issues affecting young people by utilising our physical and digital platforms to develop a creative hub for the advancement, interaction and involvement of young people, and contribute to creating better community cohesion.

Film Production

Our Story

At content with Creation, Our directors recognise the importance of lived experience when connecting and engaging with young people who may have had adverse childhood experiences.


Flynn Edwards

Flynn Edwards is representative of the target age group, a young man in his early twenties, Flynn brings the peer-to-peer connection with our service users.


Darien Jean-Charles


Over the course of ten years, Darien has worked in education, videography and film, delivering content in all fields to a high standard. He has created pathways for young people to engage with media theoretically and practically.


Whilst collaborating and working with industry professionals on some exciting projects for the BBC, Bubble Theatre (Rotherhithe) and the Brunswick (Fulham), Darien continues to work as a teacher and EDI Coordinator facilitating creative projects and outreach programmes.


Sharing a passion for media and connecting with young people is where Darien’s journey began. This has led to him finding ways to give back to the community by liaising with contacts both in schools, youth centres and production companies to facilitate disadvantaged, aspirational young people with exciting opportunities to develop their crafts.


Alongside his partners at Content with Creation, Darien has found a group of like minded individuals who all have the same mission: youth meets opportunity when growth is facilitated. At Content with Creation, Darien has harnessed his skills to support the team’s collective vision to reimagine the educational sector and inspire the next generation to become future leaders in their fields.

Darren Edwards

Darren Edwards has a strong ability to connect with young people who have experienced social displacement by drawing upon his own childhood experiences which led to a criminal lifestyle in his youth. Darren uses his experiences and his own background in music as an expressive outlet, to engage with young people who are most exposed, involved, or at risk of criminal behaviour.


Combined with our mentoring partnership program, we offer a holistic public health approach to learning and development.

Youth Training programs

Content with Creation is a hub for media training, mentoring, personal and professional development and broadcasting. We work with young people aged 16+ to develop employability skills through accredited training programs within the creative industries.


Adult Training Programs

We provide evening courses for adults 18 + who want to learn new skills or develop exisiting skills in media production, broadcasting or Marketing & Distribution. Our adult training sessions are also available online and are CDP accredited.


Audio / Visual Production

From pre-production, to shooting and editing, we provide a full range of 'on the job' learning activities to provide real life practical experience that maximises our learners opportunities to find meaningful employment or further education.


Marketing & PR Content Production

We work with businesses and organisations who wish to produce Marketing and PR content, advertising packages, PR / event production to showcase on our live TV channel and beyond.

Film Student

Skills. Experience.

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