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Drive your future with Accredited Media Training

Our Courses

Course List

Online TV Production - Streaming Video Training

Live Multi Camera switching, Graphics & Overlays, Programming/Scheduling TV Content Creation - Podcast, Vlogging, Blogging Training.

Journalism & Reporting

Live Video Reporting / Research / News creation,

Community Media Reporting


Audio Production - TV Music Production Training

Channel IDs, Recording Background/ Soundtrack /Audio, Audio Syncing & Processing for broadcasting.

Music Production

Music Structure & Recording, Copyright / Legal, Download, Sales Training.

Podcasts, Live Events – Live Presenter & Link Training

Podcast production, editing & brodcasts. Public Speaking, Confidence Building, Body Language basics

Social Media & Business Marketing Training

Online social media business marketing, training in a range of marketing techniques using a variety of online platforms

We Integrate With exisiting agencies.

Rayze Media has worked with charities, schools, filmmakers and podcasters supporting individuals and organisations with the tools to realise their vision. Whether that be promoting new and inspired teaching techniques or facilitating an up and coming podcasters.


Rayze Media has always demonstrated a willingness to create a platform and support people with refreshing ideas. Content with Creation have an established course that enriches young people which has already caught the attention of industry professionals.


Rayze Media have partnered with Content with Creation to support in expanding links to various schools and youth community centres.


Rayze Media, along with Content with Creation, seek to provide young people with access to some of the U.K.’s leading media corps. whilst offering solid foundations in an Edexcel accredited course. Rayze Media, like Content with Creation, have sought to invest in the community and inspire young people to pursue their dreams.


With media increasingly becoming the major influence in modern society, both Rayze Media and Content with Creation believe that young people should be empowered to write their own narrative. This can only be achieved if they know how to create content and have the support from industry professionals who can help them have their voices heard.


Content with Creation along with Rayze Media have the combined contacts and expertise to provide a bespoke education that will enable young people to pursue careers in media of their choice.

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